BP Productions Presents

BP Phone 4

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What is new?

Here at BP Productions, we are in a constant development to improve our products and make them even better than before.
We have improved the camera in the BP Phone 4. With the dual lense camera we are able to take even better photographs.
A camera which is as powerfull as professional cameras, but can fit in your pocket.

About BP Productions

At BP Productions, we aim to make the best products to our customers.
That is also why we have design the BP Phone 4 to fit right in to your hand. Because of this great design, we are able to sell great products at great prices.

It works like Magic!

We have re-invented the way users interact with their smartphone. And that is why we have made an infinity edge-to-edge display.
Here at BP Productions, we always work hard to make our products even faster. And that is why we are proud to announce, that our newest BP Phone is 70% faster compaired the first version.

One More Thing...

Here at BP Productions, we have worked hard to develop BP Phone 4. Our team as done a amazing effort to make this product come alive.
And we are proud to present this unique product...
BP Phone 4: DanMB Edition
This product is a whole new color to the amazing BP Phone 4.
Learn more about this here

The BP Phone 4 and BP Phone 4: DanMB edition are available for pre-order now.